Top Online Traders: 7 Profitable Details You Should Know

  With the advancement in technology and internet, e-commerce has found its place in the 21st century. The technology developments have made it possible to have a variety of devices for you to choose from and that includes speakers. There are vendors coming in the marketplace now and then making it harder for you to […]


Studio Dome one Bluetooth Speaker

  The incredible sound of a Studio Dome Bluetooth Speaker is exemplified with the SD-1. It is smaller than a can of soda with a full range of quality sounds, great low-end bass, clear mid-range, and excellent highs. The sub-woofer is better than you would expect on a small hand-held speaker. It is solidly built […]

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Amazing Car Sound Competition: Getting the Facts Right

  An amazing car sound is well defined when you follow certain key instructions carefully. The instructions aim at doing some justice to the car stereo and the sound system to perform in a desirable manner. The following are certain factors to consider so as to have an amazing car sound which is fantastic and […]


What you need to know of speaker maintenance.

  How to Look After Your Speakers   If I am not wrong, everyone wishes to buy a speaker. Okay, you have finally made an effort and bought that shiny and new speaker. How do you intend to keep it in good condition? It is very easy to spend on quality electronics, but very few […]

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Speakers that wont break the bank

  Speakers are very convenient in making your audio appear the way you would desire. Speakers normally vary in size and power of output. The same applies to prices where you get some which are cost effective, and others are very expensive. The expensiveness depends on what amount breaks the bank. Discussed below are some […]


Loudest Concerts

  Without the use of a sound level meter, the loudest concert/raves ever is subjective. The only way this can be determined is by measuring the noise levels scientifically – gauging sound decibels during live performances. Any volume clocking in at 85 decibels (dB) and above is considered dangerous because it can lead to hearing […]


The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2016 (So Far)

  It’s amazing how the launch of a new product can turn the Bluetooth speaker industry on its head, with other companies racing to outdo each other and catch up with the newest and most exciting products. This list features some of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2016 so far.Click here for a really superb […]


Best Studio Quality Speakers on a Budget

  There has been the initiation of many studios for audio recordings, and this has increasingly brought the high production of speakers. Choosing the best studio quality speakers within a reasonable budget is powered by the fact that studio speakers are relevant if they are accurate. With accuracy you have to note, it’s the speaker […]


How to Decide on What Speakers Fit Your Needs

  Choosing your speakers   There is nothing better than a good audio system that can bring out the best in your music, movies and TV shows for an entrancing experience reminiscent to that of a movie theater. However, to achieve this, one needs to have insight on how to decide on what speakers you […]