Studio Dome one Bluetooth Speaker


The incredible sound of a Studio Dome Bluetooth Speaker is exemplified with the SD-1. It is smaller than a can of soda with a full range of quality sounds, great low-end bass, clear mid-range, and excellent highs. The sub-woofer is better than you would expect on a small hand-held speaker. It is solidly built and can be connected to your phone for hand-free reception. You can use it in conjunction with your car radio while riding around. This little speaker is also great as the speaker system for your laptop or


It functions as a stand alone mp3 player. All you do is insert your micro SD card into the slot with hundreds of your favorite songs, to hear music in clear concert hall renditions. The SD-1 has an FM radio tuner built in so that you can listen to live shows from the comfort or your hand. The SD-1 has the ability to connect multiple units so that you can build a complete home surround sound stereo system.


Studio Dome 1 Specifications:


  • Microphone connection
  • Size : 60mm diameter / 54mm high
  • Output Power: 3wh
  • Operating Voltage 3.7 volts
  • Charging Voltage 5 volts
  • Speaker Spec: 40mm 2.6Ω 3w
  • Frequency Response 60Hz – 18KHz
  • THD: ≤0.5% – SNR: ≥95db
  • Use with all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Micro SD card slot for mp3/wma playback
  • FM Tune with auto-seek for local radio
  • AUX out connects multiple speakers together
  • Works as speaker phone for a cellphone
  • 3.5mm slot allows hard-wiring

The Studio Dome one can be found  here.SBBCOMBO


This little speaker comes with a cover that protects it from accidents, built in.
Other products at Studio Dome include a Studio Boom Box, a surround sound combo that includes the Boom Box and two SD-1 speakers, and a Studio Dome Bluetooth speaker with a bud.e USB Charger.


The price may be high for some, but quality costs.


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