What you need to know of speaker maintenance.


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If I am not wrong, everyone wishes to buy a speaker. Okay, you have finally made an effort and bought that shiny and new speaker. How do you intend to keep it in good condition? It is very easy to spend on quality electronics, but very few know how to take proper care of them. Different speakers have specific maintenance needs. A simple mistake such as exposure to moisture or extreme heat may be disastrous to your sound system


Here are a few enemies of the sound system and important tips oh handling and maintaining them




Storing or placing your sound system in a hot environment is a recipe for disaster. Over time, the quality of sound degrades thereby shortening their lifespan. Keep the speakers in a climate controlled environment and away from direct sunlight. Better still, for speakers that are used for an extended time, it is recommended to place near cooling fans.




Be forewarned that high humidity environments are not ideal for the sound systems. Better still; do not keep them in areas with varying humidity such as the bathrooms. For speakers that are used for outdoor purposes, have a method of protecting them from the rain. Rain, even in small amounts, damages the internal cone base system and contributes to rusting.




Apart from moisture, the enemy number two when it comes to electronics in general is the dust. To be sincere to ourselves, it is virtually impossible to avoid dust, but surely there are ways of reducing dust exposure to the speakers. You can use vacuum cleaners, blow dryers with no heat and compressed air cans to clean off speaker parts from time to time. When you leave the dust to accumulate in the speakers, the outcome will be that the sound quality will deteriorate in an alarming manner.


Protective cover


When you have installed your speaker at home, it is advisable to cover the front areas of the speakers. This will prevent objects such as an errant leg or stray bottle from smashing the speaker. Many people consider covering the speakers to be something ‘uncool”, but it may be a life saver of the expensive electronic gadget.


Follow instructions on the manualfunny-fun-amazing-cool-creative-cdplayer-shoes-with-speaker-pic-pics-images-photo-pictures-600x


Generally, all electronic manufacturers do provide a manual, meaning that all sound systems come with an instructional manual from the manufacturer too. Most people look at the manual to be just but a paper with no value, thus not paying attention to it. For this reason, they end up making a mistake that would have been avoided were it that they took their time to read through the manual and find out how to maybe fix, install and repair when something goes wrong and the maintenance in general.




When you purchase a speaker, please take your time and read through the manual to know the dos and the don’ts. Always remember that electronic equipment can serve you for a longer period of time only and only if you take good care and provide proper maintenance.



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