The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2016 (So Far)


It’s amazing how the launch of a new product can turn the Bluetooth speaker industry on its head, with other companies racing to outdo each other and catch up with the newest and most exciting products. This list features some of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2016 so far.Click here for a really superb guide on bluetooth speakers on a budget.



Creative Sandblaster Roar 2

Whilst it’s not the most aesthetically appealing speaker out there, the Sandblaster Roar 2 makes up for this with its plethora of great features. The product has Near Field Communication, a micro SD card slot, a USB output to charge your various devices and it can act as an external sound card for your PC. It has a decent battery life of up to 8 hours playback and thanks to its “TeraBass” technology, boasts impressive sound. This unique feature aims to intelligently boost bass even at a low volume, and the titular ROAR feature manages to effectively increase volume without any distortion. There can be no doubt this feature-rich speaker is more than worth it’ hefty price tag.



Anker Soundcoreanker-soundcore-hero


In contrast to the Sandblaster Roar 2, the Anker Soundcore is an extremely affordable speaker, and though lacking some of the Sandblaster’s advance features, it makes up for this with an impressive battery life. The speaker is available in black, blue and red, although its matte casing is prone to picking up fingerprints. It also features a 3.5mm input which is useful for linking up older devices that don’t support Bluetooth. This simple speaker provides everything you need it to, and at an outrageously reasonable price, it’s impossible not to recommend the Anker Soundcore.



JBL Pulse 2jbl-speakers-philippines-price-features


This high-end speaker stands out from the rest by offering an impressive “interactive” LED light show. Along with providing decent sound quality for its size, it comes with a companion app for iOS and Android which allows you to choose from a number of fun light shows which are sure to impress at any social gathering – matching the mood of the music being played. Whilst the lighting aspects are slightly gimmicky and cut the speaker’s 10-hour battery life by half, there is something undeniably exciting about the JBL Pulse 2, and it certainly offers something not provided by any other speaker.



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