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There is nothing better than a good audio system that can bring out the best in your music, movies and TV shows for an entrancing experience reminiscent to that of a movie theater. However, to achieve this, one needs to have insight on how to decide on what speakers you need to avoid any buyer’s remorse. Speaker technology has vastly improved over the years making them an essential item for any sound enthusiast or anyone who enjoys top quality sound.Click here for a really good guide on choosing the right speakers for your needs.


Speaker types


There are various types of speakers available on the market. Some of the more common versions that you are likely to come across include:


Floor standing speakers- provide you exemplary audio performance and produce a broad spectrum of sound frequencies including clear trebles and deep bass as well. According to, floor standing speakers are the typically the largest speakers and can produce unrivaled room filling sound. More so, they usually cost more than the conventional speakers due to their excellent sound quality.


Bookshelf speakers- bookshelf speakers can provide excellent sound without consuming lots of space on your home floor. These speakers can deliver quality stereo sound and are also available in various sizes, with a majority being small enough to fit in a cabinet or cupboard. However, bookshelf speakers can produce the level of bass that floor-standing speakers of surround sound speakers, so most people prefer to add a subwoofer system.


Surround sound systems- these systems tend to have a unique audio output that can produce the `surround effect` in 360 degrees for the listener. In most cases, these systems comprise of as much as three or more channel speakers that are placed in front of and behind the listener to realize their full capability. Surround systems are standard in home setting or studios and cost more than the common speaker design.


Speaker attributes


The speaker attributes just refer to the specific functionalities that make the speaker unique when compared to other similar audio hardware. Some of the most notable ones include:


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This relates to the enclosure that holds the speakers in position and can play a significant role in the sound that a given speaker is capable of producing. We have two types of enclosures: acoustic and bass reflex. The acoustic suspension is an enclosure that implements the use of sealed box to deliver crisp and deep bass sound. The Bass Reflex is a speaker enclosure that comes with a tuned port or passive radiator to enhance or improve the bass sound quality.


Driver materials


The speaker cones can be made from a broad spectrum of materials including papers, plastics, metals, rubbers and other materials that have their unique sonic properties. For instance, tweeters are made using material that tends to have distinct and snappy sounds. When choosing the material for a subwoofer system, manufacturers usually seek to find materials this is both lightweight and has strength.




This includes elements such as frequency response and the average level of speaker impedance. The human ear can respond to frequencies that range from 20 to 20,000cycles per second or hertz. More so, we also have an impedance that is measured in ohms that speakers deliver to the amplifier unit and the level of resistance placed against the flow of current.





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